Old spice is notorious for creating kooky and memorable adverts, and this one is of no exception. Perhaps more abstract than their fantastic ‘the man your man could smell like’ campaign, having ranked up an impressive 52+ million views on Youtube, Dadsong takes Old spice in a new direction, one that is more family orientated without losing it’s original charm and sense of humour.

Dadsong focuses on the different approaches of your child leaving the nest, agony for the mother and relief for the father. We see the now grown up son going on dates and experiencing a life no longer under the watchful eyes of his parents. Cue the bottle of Old spice to show he is a real man now. The hilarity and ultimate success of the advert comes in the form of song. The mother and father sing at each other, the mother for sadness as her son leaves and the father for relief and making plans for the future like what he is going to do with that now empty room. A common mix of reactions that Old spice decided to turn into a fantastical musical number.

What Old spice excels in is putting themselves at the forefront of humorous, consumer marketing. They want people to laugh at their ideas and share their videos. They are not a brand that is trying to be sexy or serious but rather the joke is on them, so please do laugh. What the advert subtly hints at, is the link between their product and the age of becoming a man. They want to target their potential consumers early so that they have a friend for life and what better way to attract late teenagers than through outlandish, life affirming comedy?

Words: Olivia Topley