‘Le Miroir’ is a wordless four and half minute short exploring the theme of ageing. With the clever use of a mirror, one boy grows from pre-pubescence to old age all whilst standing in the same spot in his bathroom. This is a short from the production company Ramon and Pedro, their other work ‘The Grey Video’ is a mashup of their two loves; the Beatles and Jay Z. From this very basic bit of information about their company we can deduce two things; one that Ramon and Pedro like ideas and two, that they aren’t afraid to take a few risks. Le Miroir is the rule, not the exception.

The piece uses one continuous point of view shot. The little boy washes his hands and when he looks back into the mirror he is a teenager. When the teenager reaches for the razor to shave, he transforms into a middle age man holding a baby. What turns this average short into an intelligent one is the subtext. The middle age man turns to look at the shower, an outline of a pregnant woman washing speaks for itself. No need to add in unnecessary dialogue telling the audience that they have been together for how ever long and are expecting. The audience is smarter than this and Ramon and Pedro know it.

But underpinning the film is a melancholic feeling. The man who stares back at you has lost his childhood charisma, his golden hair wilts to grey. When his wife leaves him he punches the mirror, runs his hand under the tap and look back at his reflection to see he is ten years older. There is something painfully real about the whole portrayal, if not a pessimistic reality.