If you find yourself having a relationship with your smart phone instead of the person sitting next to you then you are bound to relate to Bo Mirosseni’s short, Glue. Glue is the story of a couple where the woman’s obsession with technology drives the man insane. She is on her phone when they run, when they are eating and even when he is blowing out the candle on his birthday cake. This is an oh so familiar tableau to a generation of people. She is never fully involved in a situation, her head constantly arched down staring, her fingers moving frantically over touch screen buttons.

Bo Mirosseni perfectly encapsulates dumb phone technology and society’s obsession with it. It’s relatable content. Going for a meal with someone and they are Instagramming pictures of their food or watching someone reply to a really important snap chat conversation, we’ve all been there. It’s infuriating. Glue sums up this mood nicely, tailgated when the man throws his girlfriend’s phone against the wall. What commences is a war on technology, throwing bowling balls at phones and putting a playstation in a microwave. Good stuff.

But Glue tends to drift wayward in its ending. The boyfriend finds a film star sitting in a cadillac outside his house. She tells him that if he loves his girlfriend, he should hold on to her. They drift off on a sailboat. This is a far too convenient ending. What happened to her Iphone addiction? Where has all that beautiful, relatable anger gone!