At the end of summer 2015, I visited the greatest theme park attraction to ever hit Weston-super-Mare, Banksy’s Dismaland. With no actual rides to go on, and constructed fantasy worlds replaced by art installations, the experience of the park was in some way the ride. Anti-captalism, inequality and anarchism were the recurring themes throughout the exhibition. 

With the recent changes to the Parody Law, it probably helped the theme park avoid penalties from the mocked Disney. Tickets were sold out in seconds, staff were rude and my feet were cold, but I didn’t care because I sensed a greater cause behind this: humanity needs to be less passive about the issues portrayed. Banksy is doing what he can to highlight the gap between the powerful and powerless, whilst providing a platform for artists to show their work. And for that reason he should be applauded regardless of the lack of proposed solutions, as this is up to us.

Yes, Banksy can provide artistic commentary on corruption all he wants, as it is a resource that never ends. When fear and power control society, who needs a 500ft metal rollercoaster? 

My favourite piece was the most simple, and perhaps most important Banksy message.. “Un-fuck the system”