In the wake of David Bowie’s death, the creative industry mourns the end of innovation and the option to be brave and fearless. What made Bowie so popular amongst all the generations was his ability to be different and to stay different until trends caught up wit him. He did not change to his surroundings; he was not a chameleon. He was a symbol of the freaks, the outsiders and anybody who has felt isolated from what was popular and accepted, which is basically everyone.

Throughout his trajectory Bowie offers us the option of artistic expression from our appearance to our work ethic. Although there were others doing similar things during this era, Marc Bolan, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger to name a few, Bowie not only grew up in Bromley (local to some) he offered a slice of an alternative reality, ultimate escapism into dream like worlds. Your ideas are never wrong or stupid but a way for you to progress.