Julia Pott stuns with this abstract and incredibly creative short, Belly. Oscar must find his missing brother and encounters strange creatures along the way. This is a tale not dependent on plot but on style and design. It is a fantastically strange and surreal. Characters are made form bits of whale and Oscar who is an elephant must help his brother who is lodged in a white floor in a mythical world. This is animation done well, achieving strength after strength in a way live action cannot. Animation gives an option to be free with colour, character and location. You can draw elephants flying off on whales because there are no restrictions.

The dream like creatures are characterised by children’s voices. This makes the whole project more creepy. This fusion of naturalism and extreme weirdness works well. It freaks out the viewer as if they are having a familiar dream. This piece is nothing without its sound design. The audio gives us the sludgy sound of Oscar falling through the flesh of the whale. This is put onto of the background sound of the lulling waves of the sea. Belly initially has a childlike innocence about it due to the bright colours and basic animation. But the darkness underpins the plot making it not just a piece for children. I welcome you of any age to disappear momentarily into the work of someone who is not afraid to be crazily creative.