Creative production company + advertising agency = Mad Manners.





Our small team treats each challenge or opportunity differently, because, well, we are different.


Without using too many marketing cliches, we like to have fluidity with our clients and treat creative projects individually – as collaboration, a challenge and of course, an audience.

Our project is always made in the first step. Like a recipe, it’s the key ingredients that make the difference, and our awesome ideas to make the impossible, possible.


Our founder Matt has years of experience commercially and believes great content should not always equate to great cost.

We exist for one reason, to make amazing creative content for brands and people. We can and will push boundaries within budget

Confetti Jump creative branded content


We will blow your mind with intelligent but efficient production, audiences must act, and enthusiasm is still not quite the right word for our commitment to projects.

Our clients range from start-ups to established brands, and we love our work, which is why we only like to work with people who have a big goal. Our briefing process solves problems and eventually leads to solutions. We work with budgets of all sizes, but never compromise on the end result.


Based in London, although we work internationally and our content varies across the digital landscape.

We are most definitely creative video led, and we exist to make a difference by delivering the best content.



Firstly, drop us an email, we need to understand your goal and then share it with you.

Face to face is how we usually work best.

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